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Who can apply for the Au Pair Child Care Programme?

Before you dig out your factor 40, there's a few important requirements you need to meet in order to take part in our programme...

You can apply to spend an amazing 6 months as an Au Pair in Australia as long as you...

  • are eligible for a Working Holiday visa Subclass 417 or 462. For a list of eligible countries visit our GET Australia visa help page.
  • are aged between 18 and 30 years old
  • are available to work for a minimum of 6 months
  • have a full driving license
  • have at least 200 referenced hours of childcare experience (it must be in a non-family role)
  • are a secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • speak English to a good standard
  • are able to pass a medical and police check
  • have no spouse or dependents
  • have a first aid certificate, or be able to pass one

To work as an Au Pair in Australia you need to complete an application, which will be sent to you once you have booked and paid a £145 deposit. When completing your application you can select to apply for the following programmes, depending on your childcare experience and qualifications:

1) Au Pair in Australia

If you have a minimum of 200 hours childcare experience with children aged 3 and over, you can apply for the Au Pair in Australia programme. You can expect a salary of up to $250 AUD per week for this role.

2) Au Pair in Australia Plus

If you have a minimum of 200 hours childcare experience including 100 hours experience with children aged 3 and under, you can apply for the Au Pair in Australia Plus programme. You can expect a salary of up to $250 AUD per week for this role.

3) Au Pair Platinum

You can apply for the Au Pair Platinum programme if you have one of the following...
- 2 years full time childcare experience 
- A childcare degree 
- A childcare related certification
- Have completed 12 months as an Au Pair in America
You can expect a salary of up to $290 AUD per week for this role.

Your suitability for these roles will be discussed at your interview, which will be arranged by our head office once you have submitted your application.
Australian Kids Playing with Nanny
Please note you are required to pay a deposit of £145 at the time of booking, so we can process your application and arrange your interview. If your application is unsuccessful, you can choose to continue to travel with GET Australia and find alternative work, or cancel and receive a full refund.

Check out the Apply Now section of our website for more information about the application process!

So you meet our requirements and now you're really tempted...

Before you go any further there are a few more things to consider:

  • Do you like Australians?
  • Could you spend 6 months in a country where the toilet water flushes the wrong way round?
  • Could you get used to seeing that big yellow burning ball in the sky EVERY day? It’s called the sun – if you’re from the UK you might not be that familiar with it!
  • Could you swap 'Hello' for 'G’day' and air your frustration with Alf Stewart’s classic catchphrase “Flamin Gallah!"?
  • Could you get used to seeing Kangaroos in fields instead of cows?
  • Could you picture yourself caring for kids who think you and your funny accent make you the coolest nanny in town?

If yes – then what are you waiting for? BOOK & APPLY TODAY!

Previously worked as an Au Pair in America?

If you've already worked as an Au Pair in America, this is a great chance for you to continue working with children in a brand new and exiting destination! If you have participated in Au Pair in America in the last two years you may not be required to attend another interview, so make sure you check with us first by emailing or calling 0800 652 4775!

Work with children, travel and get to experience a new life down under!

Au Pair In Australia is committed to Child Protection and the Safeguarding of Children. We require all participants to understand that any inappropriate behaviour towards children in Australia will be reported to law enforcement authorities and the full force of the law will be brought to bear on perpetrators of abuse. We operate a Safer Recruiting policy and will require police checks, medical checks and other documents from you to support your application to our programme. Au Pair In Australia believes that children should never experience abuse of any kind and we are committed to work in a way that keeps Child Protection & Safeguarding at the centre of our practices and procedures.