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Real life experiences from recent Nanny in Australia participants!

Emily, 19, Isle of Wight
Worked as a Nanny in Rockdale, Sydney!

Orientation in Sydney
The orientation was really well organised and the team at the office were very friendly and warm, which was just what I needed after flying half way around the world knowing no one!
The best thing about that week was staying at the hostel. I somehow managed to not get jet lagged and spent my days meeting new people who I am still best friends with now! I went to a Halloween party, took a trip to Bondi, joined the Coogee walk and went to lots of BBQs! It was a fun filled few days!

The best thing about being an Au Pair...
I LOVE working with children so for me being in Australia doing what I love PLUS experiencing and seeing a new country is a bonus! Going with Au Pair in Australia means you’ve already got a massive support group before even leaving your country! On Facebook there are different pages for au pairs all over Australia, so you can find other au pairs living nearby! As an au pair you don't pay for food and accommodation (which is especially amazing in Sydney as everything is pretty expensive). I have got to sightsee all over Australia and I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I had not come over to Australia without being an au pair!

My best experience in Australia...
If I'm honest there are too many to write about! I have done so much in 5 months it's unreal! But if I had to choose my top 3 it would be ...

  • 3. Blue mountains.
    My host family paid for me to do a day trip to the Blue Mountains for Christmas. I can honestly say it was the most beautiful place ever and if you’re in Australia you NEED to go! The trip started early in the morning and even though I went on my own, by the end of it there was a group of us going around together! The views and waterfalls were stunning! 
    One of the best things about the day other than the view was the boat trip on the way home. You get an amazing view of the Sydney Bridge and Opera House - plus we got champagne! 
  • 2. Hamilton Island in February.
    My host family gave me a long weekend away because it was a bank holiday in Australia, so I had Friday to Tuesday off and I decided I wanted to get out of Sydney! One of my friends was living on Hamilton Island which is near the Great Barrier Reef! So once I had Googled it and saw how amazing it looked - I booked a plane!
    I spent the long weekend eating, sitting on some of the most amazing beaches and a snorkelling! My first swim in the sea which was like being in bath water and I even got to see a massive stingray - it was amazing! 
  • 1.  Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.
    My number one experience in Australia was over Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. It was filled with new friends, old friends and my new family!
    On Christmas Day I was so excited to see the children open all the presents I felt just like a big kid again! They woke me up super early and told me Santa had come!
    I spent the morning opening presents, Skyping my family and helping make Christmas lunch. We had roast potatoes (that I made!) scallops, chicken, oysters and steak - all done on the BBQ of course! I took a photo of my host dad wearing his Isle of Wight apron sent over by my mum for his Christmas!
    On Boxing Day my host family and I watched the Sydney to Hobart race on a boat our selves! We had an amazing view and it was such a fun day! 
    And finally I got to experience NYE in Sydney which was a once in a lifetime experience! I spent the day getting ready with my friends at Bondi. We then headed to Beare park where we were meeting some friends who I had met on my Blue Mountains tour! We were told we would get a great view or the fireworks and it was going to be lots of fun, and they weren’t lying! There was a DJ at the park, lots of friendly faces and food. It was like a mini festival!

Would I recommend Au Pairing in Australia?
I would 100% recommend it! I have met so many amazing people who I will call friends forever and I have done so many things in the months I have been here! It has been the most amazing thing ever!

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Karen, 24, North Yorkshire
Worked as a Nanny in the Outback, NSW!

My Placement:
I have spent the past six months looking after two girls on a massive cotton farm in the north west NSW outback!
The experience has been incredible, coming from a farm and the country back home I was very pleased to be placed in the outback and on a farm. I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that I would not have been able to do and see in a city!
The farm is in a very remote location, 1hr from the nearest small town and four hours to the town with a big supermarket, so the monthly grocery shop was always a big day out!!
Being in the outback I have really seen and experienced the true Australia including, amazing sunsets, starry skies, snakes in the garden, boxing kangaroos, 50degree days and the impact of a drought!

Being an Au Pair:
Being an Au-pair has been fantastic, I could not have wished for a nicer host family! I have been made to feel like one of the family, being involved in everything. Beers in the pool after work, fishing, weekly barbecues, zoo trips and they even threw me a surprise birthday party! I have certainly been well looked after!
The job itself has had some challenging and hard days, but that's no different to any other job! On a whole it has been brilliant and I feel like I have gained a second family!!
The whole experience has been amazing. I'm going to be very sad to leave my family behind, but I am looking forward to doing some travelling. I'll be heading to the theme parks on the gold coast before climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then on to New Zealand and back to Sydney to travel the coast up to Cairns - all of which I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't have worked for the past six months.

Would I recommend Au Pairing in Australia?
I would recommend the Au pair experience to anyone with an interest in travelling and childcare. The whole experience has been superb. From interviews in London to the orientation in Sydney all the staff are so friendly and make you feel at ease. The orientation was very valuable, with a lot of useful information, also it was nice to meet the staff and know they were only a phone call away if I needed anything. Thankfully my placement has gone very smoothly and I haven't needed to make the call, but it was nice to have peace of mind that they were there if needed.
I can easily say this has been one of the best things I have done!

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Lucy Bower, 23, Swansea
Currently working as a Nanny in Boomi, New South Wales.

The Booking Process
I was excited from the moment I found out about the Nanny Australia Programme. My brother had used the same company for his first Camp America experience 6 years ago (and he still returns every year), so I knew I could rely on great staff and have all the support and information needed throughout the application process and before I left the UK.
Once I had sorted all the paperwork and uploaded my video, I found a placement within a week! The family I was interested in was interested in me also, so we Skyped and from then on I knew that this was the family for me!

Arriving in Sydney
Once I got to Sydney I met up with all the other Au Pairs in the hostel. We spent time having fun, getting to know each other and the city in our free time.
The orientation days in Sydney really helped me learn a bit more about the country and the way people lived here.  It also opened my eyes to many life style differences between Australia and the UK! It was also great to finally meet and put faces to the names of people that I had spoken to via e-mail before leaving the UK.

My Placement
I have been here nearly 3 months now and have loved every minute of it! Working as an Au Pair is a fantastic way to see the country and get a feel for “local life". Doing it this way you become part of the communities you are living in, and experience life as someone who lives there not just as a backpacker passing through. It is also great to be within a family environment where you have the support, just as you would back at home.
I have been extremely lucky to be placed with the family I am with. I couldn't have asked for a better one! Although my placement is very rural, it was the best decision I ever made. When choosing a family don't look at where they are living, go with your gut instinct! I have met some of the most amazing people here and made some very good friends who I know I will never lose touch with. On top of all that I'm loving 'rural life'! When I heard that this family lived in a rural community, I looked at it from this angle, I can always visit cities and beaches during time off or after my placement, but I may never get an opportunity to live and work in an area like this again in my life.

Would I recommend Au Pairing in Australia?
The entire experience so far has been amazing! Since arriving I have been camping with some friends to a place called ‘Cranky Rock’. We slept in our swags under the stars, with possums, emus and peacocks walking around us! I also spent a week with my host family visiting their family. On the way there we visited Mount Panorama Race Track in Bathurst and Sofala which is the oldest surviving gold mining town in Australia!
I would recommend this experience to anyone that is interested in travelling or visiting Australia!

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